Philips - CR488 - Hygeia LED G2

Hygeia G2 CR488C (classification 100 – 10,000)

Features & Benefits

• Robust design with cleanroom certification: IP40, IK03, cleanroom classification 100 – 10,000.

• Low glare, soft and uniform light output: CRI>80, SDCM<5, low flicker option available

• Reliable quality, low failure rate, long lifetime, free of maintenance: 50K hours @ L70B50 lifetime,

• Energy saving, high efficiency green LED solution: 32W, 3900lm, 120 lm/W. Saving 55% electronic cost comparing with conventional product

• Easy Installation: Surface& ceiling installation, track kits available for T-bar installation

Cleanroom Key Application

• Integrated circuit (VLS) manufacturing

• Semiconductor manufacturing/ assembly

• Pharmaceutical/ Medical industry

• Beverage, Food, Drinks filling

• Critical optical devices, optical discs

• Fine mechanical components, aviation instruments, etc.

Order Information

         12NC                       Description 

911401517041  CR488B LED75 NW W30L120 PSU

911401517141  CR488B LED75 CW W30L120 PSU

911401517241  CR488B LED75 NW W60L60 PSU

911401517341  CR488B LED75 CW W60L60 PSU

911401517441  CR488B LED75 NW W30L120 PSU CPC

911401517541  CR488B LED75 CW W30L120 PSU CPC

911401517641  CR488C LED70 NW L120 PSU

911401517741  CR488C LED70 CW L120 PSU

911401517841  CR488B LED75 NW W30L120 PSD

911401517941  CR488B LED75 CW W30L120 PSD

911401518041  CR488B LED75 NW W60L60 PSD

911401518141  CR488B LED75 CW W60L60 PSD

911401518241  CR488B LED75 NW W30L120 PSD CPC

911401518341  CR488B LED75 CW W30L120 PSD CPC

911401518441  CR488C LED70 NW L120 PSD

911401518541  CR488C LED70 CW L120 PSD

911401518641  CR488C LED40 AMBER L120 PSU

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