Philips - BY698P - GreenPerform Highbay

GreenPerform Highbay BY698P G2

Features and benefits

• Strong energy saving story

• Better & easier on site calibration

• Robust & Reliable with a long service lifetime

• Various application requirements satisfied with complete product family


• General manufacturing

• Warehouses & logistical centers

• Exhibition halls & high ceiling lounges

Order Information

         12NC                       Description 

911401516661 BY698P LED68/CW PSU NB GM G2

911401516761 BY698P LED68/CW PSU WB GM G2

911401516861 BY698P LED68/NW PSU NB GM G2

911401516961 BY698P LED68/NW PSU WB GM G2

911401517061 BY698P LED105/CW PSU NB GM G2

911401517161 BY698P LED105/CW PSU WB GM G2

911401517261 BY698P LED105/NW PSU NB GM G2

911401517361 BY698P LED105/NW PSU WB GM G2

911401517461 BY698P LED155/CW PSU NB GM G2

911401517561 BY698P LED155/CW PSU WB GM G2

911401517661 BY698P LED155/NW PSU NB GM G2

911401517761 BY698P LED155/NW PSU WB GM G2

911401517861 BY698P LED205/CW PSU NB GM G2

911401517961 BY698P LED205/CW PSU WB GM G2

911401518061 BY698P LED205/NW PSU NB GM G2

911401518161 BY698P LED205/NW PSU WB GM G2

911401518261 BY698P LED265/CW PSU NB GM G2

911401518361 BY698P LED265/CW PSU WB GM G2

911401518461 BY698P LED265/NW PSU NB GM G2

911401518561 BY698P LED265/NW PSU WB GM G2

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