Philips - BY518P - GreenUp Round Highbay

GreenUp Round Highbay
The GreenUp Round Highbay range of luminaires provides the optimal balance between basic performance and price. The family covers a wide product range with a variety of options, competitive specifications, and long-term quality and reliability. The range is suitable for most industrial applications.

Features and benefits

- 140lm/W system efficacy, excellent energy savings, great value for money.

- Narrow and wide beam options, a range of lumen packages for different applications.

- IP65/IK06 protection, 50,000 hours lifetime @Ta 35⁰C

- -20⁰C to 45⁰C working temperature



- Manufacturing

- Warehouse

Order Information

         12NC                       Description 

911401672507 BY518P LED110/CW PSU NB GM

911401672107 BY518P LED110/CW PSU WB GM

911401672407 BY518P LED110/NW PSU NB GM

911401672007 BY518P LED110/NW PSU WB GM

911401672707 BY518P LED160/CW PSU NB GM

911401672307 BY518P LED160/CW PSU WB GM

911401672607 BY518P LED160/NW PSU NB GM

911401672207 BY518P LED160/NW PSU WB GM

911401648307 BY518P LED210/CW PSU NB GM

911401647707 BY518P LED210/CW PSU WB GM

911401648207 BY518P LED210/NW PSU NB GM

911401647607 BY518P LED210/NW PSU WB GM

911401648507 BY518P LED260/CW PSU NB GM

911401647907 BY518P LED260/CW PSU WB GM

911401648407 BY518P LED260/NW PSU NB GM

911401647807 BY518P LED260/NW PSU WB GM

911401648707 BY518P LED300/CW PSU NB GM

911401648107 BY518P LED300/CW PSU WB GM

911401648607 BY518P LED300/NW PSU NB GM

911401648007 BY518P LED300/NW PSU WB GM

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