Philips - Bóng đèn MASTER LEDspot LV AR111

• Up to 70% energy saving compared to standard halogen spots
• Long lifetime of 40,000 hours (11W,15W), 25,000 hours (20W) (F50,L70)
• Patented intelligent driver (enables broad compatibility with existing electronic and electromagnetic halogen transformers)
• Switching cycles at the rate of 30s ON/ 30s OFF = 50,000 cycles
• Operates at 12VAC and its form-factor is designed as a direct retrofit into all G53
• Available in beam angles of 12°, 24° and 40°
• CCT: 2700 K, 3000 K and 4000 K
• No UV and Cool Beam (no IR)
• Environmental friendly,without Mercury or any other hazardous substances
• RoHS compliant

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